Our expertise is based on our value engineering, expert knowledge and efficient communication.
See below how we successfully applied these skills to some of our projects to help our clients
achieve their goals.

Value Engineering

A client of ours in Cyprus engaged us for client representation during the construction phase of their project as the design and tendering had been completed. On commencement we established that the design had been carried out without the client’s full involvement leading to inefficiencies in the layout and specifications.

We organized steering committees and engaged all stakeholders to redesign a more efficient building as construction commenced, allocating funds in key areas and completed the project within time and 5% below budget.

Expert Knowledge

We were brought on board for our input on pricing for a building construction project . The client was ready to appoint the contractor.

Our expert knowledge in budgets helped us implement effective pricing by breaking up the project into subcontract tenders for various trades and supplies. The result was a reduction of 10% on the total initial cost to the client, even with our fee for coordinating the project included.

As the client could not be actively involved, we were assigned the role of client representation and this ensured an additional layer of quality control for the project.

Effective Communication

We were engaged to provide project management for the refurbishment of Larnaca Duty Free airport, which required the site to be closed and re-opened at very specific periods to ensure a minimum loss of revenue.

Through effective communication with the client’s staff, we were able to identify the areas where works could happen during operating hours without obstructing the operation, organized the preliminary works during non-working hours and tightly monitored the contractor during construction. We assisted in ensuring all client decisions and supplies were available on time and handed over the project with no delays.