Project management services

We cover the full spectrum of client-side project management services for Construction & Real Estate, from inception to final completion, and depending on the project requirements our involvement can be as in-depth as needed. We also offer technical due diligence services and inspections at project handovers, project monitoring and property management.


As the first step of a project, at the inception stage we organize the necessary research to collect all the required information from either the market or from the client’s internal departments. This defines the scope of the project and its management and helps form the feasibility study for the client’s decision to proceed. We then outline the project brief which acts as the defining document for the project.

Market research | Feasibility studies | Project brief


During the concept stage, we organize the appointment of the design team either through a competitive bidding process given pre-defined parameter or through a negotiation process. We facilitate the team through the numerous project iterations and maximise the project’s parameters through value engineering until the final concept design is ready for permit submission.

Design team appointment | Value engineering | Permit coordination


Detailed Design

With the concept design complete, we lead the Steering Committee to fully define all the project specifications necessary for the project’s success and facilitate the creation of the project’s technical brief. Our coordination subsequently leads to the project’s technical design and building permit approval.

Lead steering committee | Project technical brief | Design coordination

Costing & Tendering

Throughout the project we monitor and control building and costs and assist in the creation of budgets. This enables the client’s decisions during the design process of the construction or real estate project and makes the bill of quantities supervision one of our most important services. Our supervision of the tender process through cooperation with the rest of the team leads to the cost-effective appointment of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers through subsequent analyses and negotiations.

Bill of quantity | Tender process | Contractor & supplier appointment


A major part of our project management services offered is during the building construction stage of the project. We supervise the project plan, control the budget and payments to complete the project within time and budget. As the client side project manager, we represent the client throughout this process up to project handing over and commissioning, and for the coordination of the final account closure. We organize the issuance of final building construction permits and remain present during the project’s post-construction warranty period.

Client representation | Project plan supervision | Budget control and payments | Project handing over and commissioning | Final account coordination | Final Permits organisation

Additional Services

Our Project management services extend to the post-construction period and throughout the lifecycle of any project. We facilitate property management, organize maintenance schedules and crews, and technical due diligence when necessary during property transactions. We also assist investors in the financial monitoring and control of their contributions and any other related services for real estate or construction projects.

Technical due diligence | Financial monitoring & control | Property management